Đề thi học kì ii năm học 2011 - 2012 môn anh 12



ĐỀ THI HỌC KÌ II NĂM HỌC 2011 - 2012




Thời gian làm bài: 45’, không kể thời gian giao đề

Mã đề thi 106



Họ, tên thí sinh: …………………………………...

Số báo danh: ………………………………………

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction, then correct it.

Question 1:

There are a number of measures that should be taken to protect

       A               B                             C                    

endanger animals.


Question 2:

Children should be warn not to speak to strangers.

   A                B          C               D

Question 3:

The woman who son is studying at Hanoi University is a teacher.

  A                  B               C          D                              

Question 4:

The sooner you leave, the earliest you will arrive at your destination.

         A                   B              C                   D

Question 5:

Tom likes taking part sports, so he will join the football team of

                       A                      B           C                                  D

his school.

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions.

Question 6: A. family            B. domestic          C. enterprise        D. property

Question 7: A. status            B. believe             C. women             D. struggle

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from 8 to 12.




Different kinds of animals have appeared and disappeared throughout Earth’s history. Some animals go extinct because the climate (8)______ they live changes. The climate may become wetter or drier. It may become warmer or cooler. If the animals cannot change, or adapt, to the new climate, they die.

 Some animals go extinct because they cannot (9)______ with other animals for food. Some animals go extinct because they are killed by enemies. New kinds of animals are always evolving. Evolving means that the animals are changing (10)______ from generation to generation. Small differences between parents, children, and grandchildren slowly add up over many, many generations. Eventually, a different kind of animal evolves.

          Sometimes many of the animals on Earth go extinct at the (11)______ time. Scientists call this a mass extinction. Scientists think there (12)______ at least five mass extinctions in Earth’s history. The last mass extinction happened about 65 million years ago. This mass extinction killed off the dinosaurs.

Question 8:   A. where             B. which               C. when                D. what

Question 9:   A. compete         B. complete          C. find                  D. exist

Question 10: A. slowly            B. accidentally     C. suddenly          D. quickly

Question 11:  A. different        B. similar             C. various            D. same

Question 12:  A. are                 B. have been        C. will be              D. has been

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 13 to 17.

The World Trade Organization ( WTO), founded on January 1, 1995, aims to encourage international trade to flow as freely as possible, making sure that trade agreements are respected and that any disputes can be settled. In the five years since its founding, the WTO has become well known as one of the world’s most powerful economic organizations, taking its place alongside the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. The system of global rules for international trade, however, dates back half a century to 1948 when the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) was formed after World War II. As time went by, it became clear that the GATT had two major drawbacks – the limited areas of trade it covered, and the lack of an effective system to settle disputes.

           After seven years of trade talks ending in 1994, the so-called Uruguay Round finally gave birth to the WTO, complete with an effective system to settle disputes and to form new rules covering trade in services and intellectual property. Even after seven years of talks and with 22,500 pages of agreements reached, problems remained, especially in the difficult - to - deal - with areas of agriculture and services.

Question 13: When was the WTO established?

   A. In 1947                B. In 1995                C. In 1994                D. In 1948

Question 14: The writer thinks that the WTO has become ________.

   A. less powerful than World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

   B. more powerful than any other economic organizations.

   C. the world’s most powerful economic organization.

   D. one of the world’s most powerful economic organizations.

Question 15: According to the passage, the GATT stopped working ________.

   A. in 1994                B. in 1948                 C. during the seven years of Uruguay Round talk                                    D. after World War ended

Question 16: The word “went by” could best replaced by _________.

   A. flew                      B. passed                  C. past                     D. flowed

Question 17: The word “drawbacks” in paragraph 1 means _________.

   A. improvements      B. weak points         C. strong points       D. changes


Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Question 18: The more you practise your English, ______________ you will learn.

   A. the fast                 B. faster than            C. the fastest            D. the faster

Question 19:  ________the internet is very popular, many older people do not know how to use it.

   A. Nevertheless                                        B. Despite

   C. However                                               D. Even though

Question 20: I’ve applied _____ a job at the factory. I don’t know if I’ll get it.

   A. about                   B. for                        C. to                         D. at

Question 21: He was disappointed at not getting the job, but he will ______ it.

   A. fill in                    B. get over                C. take after             D. turn off

Question 22: ASEAN was set ______ in 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand.

   A. out                       B. down                    C. away                    D. up

Question 23: Finding a job is becoming __________________.

   A. more and more difficult                        B. the more difficult

   C. the most difficultly                                D. much and more difficult

Question 24: I learn English _______ I want to get a good job.

   A. despite                 B. although               C. because of            D. because     

Question 25: Vietnam exports a lot of rice _______ mainly in the south of the country.

   A. have grown          B. grow                     C. grown                  D. is grown

Question 26: Nowadays more and more women go out to work, and they become more ____________ than they used to.

   A. independent         B. independently      C. dependent            D. independence

Question 27: Tom: “ What a lovely house you have!”

Mike: “ ___________________ .”

   A. Of course not, it’s not costly

   B. No problem

   C. Thank you. Hope you will drop in

   D. I think so

Question 28: Books are still a cheap way to get information and _________.

   A. entertainer           B. entertaining          C. entertain              D. entertainment

Question 29: If you _______ the GCSE examination, you will not be allowed to take the entrance examination to the university.

   A. fail                       B. had failed             C. failed                    D. pass

Question 30: David: “ Do you think that we should use public transportation to protect our environment?”

Mary:  “ _______  ”

   A. There’s no doubt about it.                    B. Of course not. You bet!

   C. Yes, it’s an absurd idea.                       D. Well, that’s very surprising.

Question 31: All of our rain forests ___________ unless we find some ways to stop people from cutting down trees.

   A. destroy                                                  B. were destroyed

   C. will be destroyed                                   D. will destroy

Question 32: Many people ___________ homeless after the earthquake in Japan

a year ago.

   A. are becoming       B. will become          C. became                D. become


Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the following questions.

Question 33:   A. domestic       B. important        C. initiate             D. study

Question 34:   A. change          B. mechanic         C. architect          D. chemistry

Question 35:   A. passed          B. managed          C. explained         D. arrived


Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it has the same meaning as the original sentence.

Question 36: “ What did you do before working for this company, Peter?” asked Linda.

- Linda asked …………………………………………………………………

Question 37: “ I’m sorry I didn’t phone you earlier,”  John said to you.

- John apologized for …………………………………………………………

Question 38: I can’t give you a lift because I don’t have a car.

- If I had ………………………………………………………………………

Question 39: My friend told me, “If I were you, I would not smoke so much.”

- My friend advised …………………………………………………………..

Question 40: You can exchange travellers’ cheques at most banks.

- Travellers’ cheques …………………………………………………………

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taking part in


























































































































































36.Linda asked Peter what he had done before working for that company.

37. John apologized for not phoning me earlier.

38. If I had a car, I would / could give you a lift.

39. My friend advised me not to smoke so much.

40. Travellers’ cheques can be exchanged at most banks.

Total : 40 : 4 = 10 points.

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